Dr. Aleksander Urkom: Migration of identities – identity characteristics in languages and their manipulation

The study of identity, as a complex phenomenon, is a subject of various scientific disciplines. Although each discipline, which has the identity as a subject of research, tries to examine and describe it, however, only an interdisciplinary analysis of identity, as a phenomenon, can get a clearer picture and more tangible, more precisely map of identity.

The lecture is based on the results of researching in various scientific disciplines and offers an answer to the question of how the identity functions and which are its structural elements. Mapping of identity characteristics and understanding the functioning of identity raises the question to what extent is possible manipulation of identities and how consciously it is done in the individual. The lecture will also address the current social and economic developments – migration of peoples – and initiate the discussion, from the linguistic standpoint, on the issue of migration of identities.

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Event start
15. 10. 2015 9:10
Konec události
13. 10. 2015 10:30
Jan Palach Square 2, Prague 1 (FA CU, room nr. 325)
Organizing Institution
Department of South Slavonic and Balkan Studies
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