Cultural Linguistics for Today’s Europe: Man, Languages, Values

Given the way Europe is becoming more and more integrated, cultural linguistics is certainly a very relevant approach. When it comes both to exploring individual national languages and the linguistic worldviews that form within them and also when looking for unity in diversity, e. g. searching for common European values, culturally based linguistics should prove an enlightening approach. The wealth and variety of European languages and their worldviews will be explored not only within the scope of verbal-acoustic languages but also within the scope of visual-motor languages, esp. the Czech Sign Language. Leading researchers in Cultural Linguistics from six European universities (Rouen, Grenoble, Lublin, Berlin, Bratislava, Prague) will contribute to the Cultural Linguistics for Today’s Europe: Man, Languages, Values conference as well as students and academic staff of the Faculty of Arts at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The conference presentations will investigate various aspects of linguistic worldviews in particular languages as well as the research methods that are likely to be used for European scholars studying what language means for Europe.

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Event start
27. 6. 2016 0:00
Konec události
29. 6. 2016 0:00
Faculty of Arts, Jan Palach Square 2, 116 38 Prague 1
Organizing Institution
Department of Deaf Studies
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