Art of Sa’di Širāzi: Student Seminar on His Commemoration Day

Sa’di Širāzi / Saadi Shirazi (1210- 1292) the great classical Persian Poet and prose writer, who travelled widely for 30 years around the medieval Islamic world, esp. Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Arabian Peninsula, India etc. Sa’di is the author of classic Persian Ghazals (Lyric Forms), Bustān and the Golestān (translated in many languages also into Czech). The venue also embraces some introductory information and exhibition on Persian Arts (Miniature, Architecture, so on) prepared by the students at UBVA.

Event detail

Event start
27. 4. 2016 9:30 - 10:40
Faculty of Arts, Celetná 20, Prague 1 (room 238)
Organizing Institution
Department of Near Eastern and African Studies
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