Anne Cheng: Confucian Conceptions of Chinese Universality

The Chiang Ching-kuo International Sinological Center invites to its Open sinological seminar:

Professor Anne Cheng, College de France, a leading French sinologist: „Confucian conceptions of Chinese universality”

From the abstract: The advent of the universality of human rights is generally seen as a pure product of the Enlightenment in Europe, which itself represented the “triumph of Reason”; whereas Chinese universality is inseparable from a certain idea of civilization, with a centre shining upon surrounding regions, and upon which the reality of imperial power superimposed itself.

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Event start
13. 5. 2016 14:00
Konec události
12. 5. 2016 0:00
CCK-ISC, Celetná 20, Prague 1, room No. 118
Organizing Institution
The Chiang Ching-kuo International Sinological Center
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