The New Academic Year: Come and Celebrate It with Us in Kampus Hybernská

On Monday, 2 October 2023, there will be concerts, science stand-ups, FameLab competition, an exhibition opening, Didaktikon Open Day, and more. The programme starts at 4 pm and will go on until midnight.


Stage 1: Front Yard

5 pm: Ondřej Hrách (Aignos) – live composing of Kampus Hybernská’s anthem using artificial intelligence
5:45–6:25 pm: Opening ceremony – presentation of Kampus Hybernská and its new semestral theme, presentation of a new promotional logo of Charles University
6:30 pm: Guide through Kampus with Jan Bičovský (cz)
7–8 pm: Concert – Mutanti hledaj východisko
9–10 pm: Concert – Toot ensemble

Stage 2: E.0 Hall

8–9 pm: FameLab
10 pm – 12 midnight: badfocus

Stage 3: B.0 Garage

5–8 pm: Presentation of semestral courses of Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer CU

Stage 4: E-1 Basement

6:30–10 pm: Opening of exhibition Microlab

Stage 5: C.0 Reading Room

4 pm: Pecha Kucha of student societies
5–5:45 pm: Back to School – Pub Quiz

Stage 6: A.4 Didaktikon

4:30–7:30 pm Open Day

Stage 7: D.1 Counselling Centre

7–9 pm: Chill Out Zone – Centre for Psychological Counselling & Cyber Space Lab and guided meditation

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