French State Secretary for European Affairs Visited Charles University

After the meeting with representatives of the Government and the Senate of the Czech Republic, Laurence Boone delivered a speech on 27 April 2023 in the Patriotic Hall of Carolinum, where she was greeted by the Vice-Rector of CU, Prof. Voldřichová Beránková, Dr. Zora Hesová from the Department of Political Science at CU FA, and Jan Kolínský from the student society POLIS.

In her speech, Laurence Boone outlined her vision leading to a strong Europe in the field of European industrial policy, defence strategy and energy. “Europe must be aware that the need for strategic action and geopolitical pressure will be with us for the long term. Against all the sceptical voices, Europe has shown a high degree of unity and action over the last two years, which must be further developed,” the French Secretary of State said in Carolinum.

In particular, she highlighted the need to identify key industries for the future – defence, healthcare, and digital industries. In these sectors, Laurence Boone stressed, is necessary to arrange secure resources and business conditions for their future development.