Brazilianists from the Portuguese Section at CU FA Are Preparing Prestigious International Congress

In cooperation with Charles University, the third year of the Association of Brazilianists in Europe (ABRE) takes place from 20 to 24 September. The association was founded in Leiden, Netherlands in 2017 and aims to support the development of Brazilian studies in Europe and dialogue between European Brazilianists and their partners in Brazil and other parts of the world.

The congress with more than 500 registered academics from the whole world takes place online due to the pandemic; therefore, all interested people, who wish to know more about Brazil from different perspectives of various social sciences, may join in.

The conference, which initially should have taken place at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, is organized by Brazilianist, Šárka Grauová, a teacher at Portuguese Section under the Department of Romance Studies at CU FA and the vice-president of ABRE. In the organizational committee of eleven members are involved other portugalists from CU FA – Selmo Ribeiro Figueiredo Jr., Gilda Seara Machado, Petra Svobodová, Karolína Válová, and ibero-americanist Monika Brenišínová.

Each conference day will be divided into sixteen thematic blocks with papers dealing with cultural, literary, sociological, economic, historic, and political topics regarding Brazil. The congress is to be initiated with a lecture named “The Czech Traveller, Alberto Vojtěch Frič, and Efforts of the Preservation of Brazilian Natives at the Beginning of the 20th Century” delivered by Prof Markéta Křížová from the Centre for Ibero-American Studies at CU FA.

Besides the ABRE members, the congress will also be joined by Brazilianists from American Brazilian Studies Association, including their CEO and culturalist Christopher Dunn (Tulane University). Among other eminent participants belongs: historian James Green (Brown University), sociologist David Lehmann (Cambridge), anthropologist José Maurício Arruti (Unicamp), literary historian David Treece (King’s College), philosopher Helena Hirata (The University of São Paulo), anthropologist Véronique Boyer (École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris), historian and anthropologist Celso Castro (Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro) or political scientist Anthony Peneira (King’s College).

For more information, follow the website of ABRE, The Department of Romance Studies, or The Centre for Ibero-American Studies at CU FA.