The Department of Aesthetics Hosts a Lecture Series with Prominent European Aestheticians

Lectures, taking place on Thursdays from 6 to 27 May, are prepared by the department in cooperation with the Society for Aesthetics at the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The lecture series is part of the project “European Aesthetics in the 21st Century” and the audience is presented with different fields exploring contemporary aesthetics and, simultaneously, highlight the continuity of aesthetic philosophical tradition.

The Department of Aesthetics, CU FA, is one of a few departments in Europe that specifically specializes in aesthetics – usually, it is a part of the curriculum at philosophical departments.  Therefore, the project aims to draw in Prague those European philosophers who are accomplished as aestheticians in particular.

The lecture series, organized by Dr. Tereza Hadravová, was preceded by a semestral course “Aesthetics in the 21st Century” where several guests from abroad lectured, including an eminent researcher Elisabeth Schellekens. She has founded a department specializing in philosophical aesthetics at Uppsala University in Sweden. The department still attracts successful graduates of philosophy and art studies from the whole world.

The course was taught for the first time in the previous semester and now is followed by the lecture series where Stojanović and Schellekens will again lecture along with other important researchers Hanne Appelqvist, University of Helsinki, and Iris Vidmar Jovanovič, Rijeka University.

Elisabeth Schellekens develops it in her paper her Autumn lecture where she focused on the value of ideas and thoughts. Now, she will discuss the cognitive value of aesthetic experience. Isidora Stojanović focuses on the issue of why words, which usually signalize negative value judgements, usually represent a positive evaluation in the aesthetic context.

Finnish philosopher and Ludwig Wittgenstein specialist, Hanna Appelqvist, will discuss in her lecture that Wittgenstein’s notes on art are an integral and important component of his philosophy. Croatian aesthetician Iris Vidmar Jovanović will discuss the issue of the art value of morally dubious works of art.

The lectures are freely accessible to all interested. The links to ZOOM meetings are available on Facebook. The records will be published on their website after the end of the lecture series.


  • 6 May, Hanne Appelqvist: Art’s Part in Wittgenstein’s Philosophy
  • 13 May, Iris Vidmar Jovanović: Dangers of Art: Plato’s Call to Censorship in Contemporary Aesthetics
  • 20 May, Isidora Stojanović: Some reflections on valence in aesthetic judgments
  • 27 May, Elisabeth Schellekens: Art and Knowledge: The Cognitive Yield of Aesthetic Experience