Faculty of Arts, CU, Joins “The Czech Republic Shines Blue”

Since 2014, the platform Naděje pro Autismus (Hope for Autism) has been organizing a nation-wide educative campaign “The Czech Republic Shines Blue” which aims to raise public awareness of the nature of autism and the life with it. Participating institutions light up their buildings in blue overnight from 2 to 3 April.

The campaign starts on 2 April that the United Nations declared as World Autism Awareness Day. This year, the campaign thematically focuses on materials that should make easier communication between the public and persons with an autism spectrum disorder and ensure proper treatment of people with ASD – concerning “Autism Alert Card” and “Communication File for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder” (the materials prepared by the Ministry of Health are available only in Czech).

The spread of awareness of these materials should especially help people who professionally meet people with autism and their families – medical staff, officials, or police. The Autism Alert Card allows fast recognition of the autism spectrum disorder, then, the Communication File contains clear instructions for smooth communication with persons with ASD.

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