National Film Museum NaFilM Wins Czech Lion Award

The students behind the awarded projected for exceptional feat in the area of audio-visual arts are from the Department of Film Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University – Adéla Mrázová, Terezie Křížkovská, and Jakub Jiřiště. The gala evening was held in Prague’s Rudolfinum in a restricted mode on 6 March.

The National Film Museum is exceptional not only for its creation, when thousands of supporters were involved in public fundraising, but also for its content. It is the only museum in the Czech Republic that treats the history of Czech film in a playful style for all generations.

The prestigious award of the Czech Film and Television Academy proves that the young team, responsible for the establishment of the museum, stands amongst the elite in its field. The project NaFilM started as a bold idea of three students of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, who pointed out that the Czechs do not have their film museum.

The Czech film is more than hundred years old, has its distinctiveness and global importance so we thought that it deserves its own museum. A place that will educate and present the national cinematography to Czech and foreign visitors in an accessible format,” says Adéla Mrázová, the founder of the museum.

When looking for suitable space for the exposition, the students were arranging temporary exhibitions in Prague and other regions where they presented how the future film museum might look like. Not only the visitors but also the public, which funded its creation, became fond of the idea and execution.

In January 2019, the team of custodians permanently opened the National Film Museum in the historical Mozarteum building with the main entrance in the Franciscan Garden in Prague 1. The opening of the permanent display proved that the fusion of film history and playful approach – connecting physical interaction with historical and current technologies based on a thought-out scenography – is appreciated by visitors across generations.

In only few years of its existence, the museum has therefore become the best-rated museum in the Czech Republic on TripAdvisor and has ranked amongst the six best attractions in Prague, right behind significant historical sites. NaFilM also offers educational programmes for the youth which were awarded, along with the exposition, Miloslav Petříček Award for exceptional feat in the area of public education by Charles University.

Although the museum is currently closed due to the pandemic, its founders work on the extension of its exposition which promises a touch interaction and up-to-date technology.