New monograph from the Abusir Series: The Funerary Domains in the Pyramid Complex of Sahura

The Czech Institute of Egyptology is proud to present the publication of the largest corpus of Old Kingdom funerary domains, from the pyramid complex of King Sahura: Abusir XXVI: The Funerary Domains in the Pyramid Complex of Sahura: An Aspect of the Economy in the Late Third Millennium BCE by Mohamed Ismail Khaled.

A new book from the Abusir edition series presents to the reader the richest corpus of Old Kingdom royal funerary domains. The core of the book represents a catalogue of funerary domains retrieved during recent archaeological works conducted by the Egyptian team at Sahura’s causeway and related pehou regions. The introductory chapters provide the reader with the context and the overview of other known contemporary domains of this kind. The concluding chapters then discuss the nature and location of pehou regions as well as the economic significance of royal domains with regard to the new finds from Sahura’s causeway.

Prague, Charles University, Czech Institute of Egyptology 2020.

Hardcover, 208 p. ISBN: 978-80-7308-998-6

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About Abusir Series

The Abusir series provides in-depth and up-to-date information on the results of the archaeological excavations and research of the Czech Institute of Egyptology in the vast cemeteries of Abusir; a major site within the Memphite necropolis. The richly illustrated volumes cover three main areas: the pyramid cemetery of the Fifth Dynasty in Central Abusir, the Old Kingdom cemetery of nobles and priests in South Abusir as well as the Late Period (Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh Dynasty) shaft tomb cemetery located in between. The series provides not only the final excavation reports on tombs and pyramids, but specific volumes also deal with the funerary material uncovered, such as statues or papyrus archives, as well as specific iconographical aspects of tombs and temples. The material and data is furthermore placed within the larger context of the Memphite necropolis and beyond.