By February to Bachelor’s, by March to Follow-Up Master’s. Apply to the Studies at Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Submit your applications to study electronically from 1 November 2020 to 28 February 2021 (BA programmes) or to 31 March 2021 (the follow-up MA programmes).

You may find basic and detailed information on the admission process on the prospective student webpage (all links in this post are only in Czech), along with the complete offer of programmes, the calendar of the admission process, useful tips and frequently asked questions.

What do the study programmes offer? Does CU FA cover areas of your interests? Search through the website for applicants to BA studies Svět FF UK.

Each year, the University and the Faculty organizes several events for the prospective students. This year, we will introduce ourselves online: take a note of the date 28 November 2020, when a meeting Na Karlovku online is to be held, and 16 January 2021, when your welcome to attend the Open House of CU FA.

Follow us also on social networks: we are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; there is a Facebook profile dedicated to the prospective students Mířím na FFUK. If you have any question, write us at, we are here for you!