The Faculty of Arts Libraries Restore Lending of Books in a Restricted Mode

[The text is being continuously updated. Last update on 15 June]

Dear users,

The Faculty of Arts Library restores on Monday 20 April 2020 lending of books in a restricted mode. Please, be aware of this service’s conditions:

  1. Loans will be provided exclusively based on a placed order (request) by a user in the Charles University Central Catalogue (signed in). The procedure of placing an order is the same as a request for books in-store.
  2. Users can collect their loans only after they are notified by email where a specific date and time of the collection will be possible.
  3. Loans will be delivered only in Jan Palach Library (the main building of FA), Celetná Library (Celetná 20) and Sporck Palace Library (Hybernská 3).
  4. Loans will be delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10 am – 3 pm. After receiving a confirmation email, you may collect the loans during the days and time above. From 21 May, it is not necessary to reserve a specific time of the collection. It is not possible to enter the library without a prior notice.
  5. The possibility of a book loan applies to all books of FA Libraries that are by default lent as a regular loan. The loans with an “in-house loan” status are possible to borrow regularly after a permission of the librarian, this does not concerns theses and dissertations and most of the periodicals. To order a regular loan, please, do so in the online catalogue or contact
  6. If the order is not collected in 14 days from the day of the collection invitation, the order is cancelled and the loan is returned back into circulation (available to other users).

Returning of Loans [UPDATED 15 June]

  • All loans that are overdue until 18 June were extended FOR THE LAST TIME until 3 July.
  • The loan period of those loans that are overdue after 18 June until 2 July remain without any change.
  • The definite period is always stated in the user’s library card after log-in to We ask the users to check the periods themselves. In case of an unclarity, you may send an inquiry at


  • From 26 May 2020, the users are not required to ask the library to return the loans. The loans may be returned anytime during the opening hours at the places mentioned below.
  • Books shall be returned always to the same building where they were borrowed. Returning places:
    • Main building – visibly marked quarantine boxes in the lobby of Jan Palach Library (the cloakroom in front of the stairs). Attention, out of opening hours of Jan Palach Library (i.e. provisionally Tuesday and Thursday), return the loans into biblioboxes.
    • Celetná 20 – bibliobox. Please note that the bibliobox was moved to the ground floor.
    • Sporck Palace (Hybersnká 3) – bibliobox.
  • Loans will be subtracted from the user’s account after 6 days since their return.
  • [new] Re-loaning of books for another period

    If you need to use the currently borrowed titles even in the summer months and you cannot extend it online, it is necessary to return them by 3 July not to the marked cardboards/biblioboxes, but bring it to your library (see the list above). Here, the librarian will return them and if there is no reservation on them, they will immediately loan them to you again for another period.


Payment of Fines

  • The measures that during the closure of libraries the fine does not increase remains valid.
  • To place a loan order, the user must pay all outstanding fines (see Section 1).
  • [UPDATED] For safety reasons, it is preferable to pay with a cashless payment. Cash is, however, also possible. Please, bring the exact amount when paying cash.

Additional services of libraries and access to study rooms. [UPDATED on 15 June]

From 2 June, the access to some of the areas of Jan Palach Library is possible in a limited mode, more information. From 8 June 2020, the study of in-house documents will be possible in the libraries of departments and institutes after a prior email agreement (use From 1 July, the regular services of all libraries will be restored in summer opening hours – HERE. Please follow the news on the website of the Faculty’s website for more information. Other services that are not mentioned above will not be provided at the time being.


For all inquiries or problems related to the loaning of books, please send an email at