Dr. Lucie Dušková from the Institute of Economic and Social History Has Been Awarded an Prize of the Journal European Review of History

She has been awarded the prize for young researchers for the article „The Ideal of Virtuous Society and People on the Edge in the People’s Democratic Czechoslovakia in 1945-1960.“ The committee has appreciated the current and innovative topic of the article, the work with sources, the colourfulness of the used materials, and the readability of the text.

The article is based on the research of her dissertation work „Night in Czechoslovakia 1945 – 1960: representations and social practices,“ defended by Dr. Dušková at the Institute in September 2019. It treats the representation of people on the edge of society, the institutions‘ attitude towards them, and the social context of their lives in the period of the commencement and stabilization of the Communist Party’s dictatorship in Czechoslovakia.

Owing to the financial reward, the winning article will be translated into English and French, and then published in the first issue of the international periodical (European Review of History) in 2021.

Petr Kukal, Spokesperson of the Faculty of Arts