A New Publication Mapping the Knowledge of Romani Language Contributed by CUFA researchers

Faculty of Art, Charles University, is a leading research centre of the Romani language. Specialists from the Department of Central European Studies and Department of Linguistics contributed to a prominent international team of authors „The Palgrave Handbook of Romani Language and Linguistics“ published by a prestigious publishing house Palgrave Macmillan.

Five out of seventeen chapters are bound with Romani Studies at CUFA. Michael Beníšek from the Department of Central European Studies is the author of the chapter on the origin of Romani, Viktor Elšík from the Department of Linguistics contributed with a chapter on Romani morphology, and Pavel Kubaník from the Department of Central European Studies presents a topic on the particularity of Romani in the context of child-directed speech.

Furthermore, Dr Elšík and Dr Beníšek are simultaneously co-authors of the chapter on Romani dialectology. A graduate of Romani Studies, Zuzana Bodnářová, who now teaches at the University of Graz and a co-author of a text on the influence of Hungarian on Romani, has also contributed to the publication.

The chapters of Czech scientists reflect a wide thematic spectrum of Romani linguistic research at CUFA, from historical linguistics, structural linguistics, dialectology, up to sociolinguistics.

Petr Kukal, Spokesperson, Faculty of Arts