CUFA Develops Further Cooperation with the University of Delhi

Cooperation between the University of Delhi and the Faculty of Arts, both in terms of teaching and research, should concern mostly Indian Studies and Czech Studies. At CUFA, the Department of South and Central Asia and the Department of Czech Language and Communication Theory are involved.

The University of Delhi, one of the biggest Indian universities, was founded in 1922 and currently caters for almost 250, 000 students. The Department of South and Central Asia is the only academic centre in the Czech Republic that offers a comprehensive study programme focused on Indian languages, literatures, cultures, and history. The cooperation with the Department of Modern Indian Languages at the University of Delhi is crucially important to the quality of teaching and also to student exchange programmes.

The Department of Slavic and Ugrofinic Studies in Delhi has a Czech cabinet that receives financial support from the Czech Ministry of Education as part of the governmental Programme for Supporting Czech Cultural Heritage Abroad. Local students thus have the opportunity to study Czech Language, which is also on offer as an elective course for MA students of Russian Studies. The department also offers certified courses for students from other departments and for the public. Overall, about 30 students in Delhi choose to study Czech each year.

CUFA has been successful in an Erasmus+ call and received support for a project supporting staff and student mobility in 2019/2020 in the disciplines of Indian Studies and Czech Studies.

In February 2019, the conference Culture, Language, and Identity Formation: Diaspira in a Globalised World took place in Delhi and it was attended by a Czech delegation. The two institutions also cooperate on the Summer School of Slavic Studies in Prague. In 2018, two Indian students of Czech from Delhi attended the summer school.