Global Meeting of Czech Studies Experts in Prague

A lecture by the renown Polish expert in Czech Studies Mieczyslaw Balowski opened the International Symposium on Czech as a Foreign Language, devoted to the 100 years of development of Czech language and literature in an independent state. The 9th year of the symposium took place under the auspices of Charles University rector Tomáš Zima and CUFA dean Michal Pullmann at the Department of Czech Studies.

59 experts in Czech Studies from the Czech Republic and from abroad have met in Prague to present the results of their work, exchange latest findings and experience, and to establish professional and personal contacts.

The programme included pre-conference worksops with staff members from the Department of Czech Studies. The workshops introduced new electronic applications for teaching Czech as a foreign language. The student poster section gave young international researchers in Czech studies an opportunity to present the results of their research.

The symposium concluded with a rich cultural and social programme organised by the Josef, Marie and Zdenka Hlávek Foundation at the chateau in Lužany.