Czech National Film Museum Finally Established Thanks to CUFA Students

Why does not Czech cinema have its own museum? Precious and diverse Czech film heritage has been hidden in archives and depositories for far too long. Shouldn’t we finally – after over a hundred years – present it to the public? To address this situation,  Adéla Mrázová and Terezie Křížkovská from the Department of Film Studies, CUFA, together with Jakub Jiřiště, alumnus of the same department, founded NaFilM (National Film Museum).

They have been running the interactive exhibition NaFilm, which has been located in the Montanelli Musuem and the Chicago Palace so far, for four years. In April 2018, at the occasion of the 670th anniversary of Charles University, the trio received the prestigious Miroslav Petrusek Award for best presentation. Currently, they are preparing a permanent exhibition and looking for suitable location. The new exhibition should be open this autumn.

For more information about the project, the exhibition, and the team, visit the NaFilm website.