Centre of Ibero-American Studies Organised a Summer Course for Students from the Monterrey Institute of Technology

On 6 July 2018, students of the 19th instalment of a summer course organised by the Centre of Ibero-American Studies for the Monterrey Institute of Technology received their certificates of attendance at the Sporck Palace.

The course is a mandatory part of programmes at the Monterrey Institute of Technology. Students may choose from approximately 60 options all over the world. The Prague course presents them with a basic overview of the history, culture, and economics of the Czech Republic in the context of Central Europe. This year, 24 students took part in the course. Apart from lectures, they went on tours outside Prague (Křivoklát, glassworks in Neratov, Kutná Hora) and attended two concerts of classical music. The leader of the group, dr. Araceli González, expressed her hope that this course, which has the longest tradition at the Institute, will be available also next year.