Join the Charles University Science Slam

Science Slam is a stand-up format where young scientists explain their research projects in short 6-minute-talks that are easy to follow. Afterwards, the audience votes for the best performance. What is important is primarily not the scientific outcome of their work, but the way of explaining the project in an entertaining, understandable and concise way.

The audience is the jury and chooses the winner. This audience participation provokes discussion about the science project and the presentation. Feel free to become part of it!

Science Slams make an important contribution to popularization of science. The form is most suitable for young scientists who want to present their projects. It is important to note that in Science Slam, the scientists do not talk about ‘textbook knowledge’ but they explain individual aspects of their own research projects.

Do you want to present your scientific work on stage in front of a diverse audience? We´re welcoming all scientists who want to give a speech about their project in English. If you’re ready to explain your research, you’ll be cash rewarded for your performances too!

We also offer workshops where you can improve your performance and your presentation skills.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. You can easily sign up on the website right away!


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