The Largest Grant in the History of the Faculty of Arts – Half a Billion Crowns for the Project KREAS

Among the first 15 projects that have been announced by the Czech Ministry of Education, the project KREAS (Creativity and Adaptability as Conditions for the Success of Europe in an Interrelated World) from the Faculty of Arts ranks in the eighth place. In the final step of the evaluation process, these 15 grant proposals had been reviewed by the evaluation panel of the Ministry of Education and their financing has been confirmed. Over the next five years, the project will bring the Faculty of Arts 500 million crowns in support of establishing three mutually connected research programs representing a unique approach to interdisciplinary research in the humanities.

“I’m proud of my team, whose members put in three years of intensive work and a tremendous effort for the benefit of the whole institution and at the expense of their own research projects and personal comfort. The result commits us now to fulfilling the project’s aims, thereby also confirming our ambition to be the leader in forward-looking research in the humanities. It affords us the opportunity to foster internal unity and cooperation within the faculty and to introduce substantial conceptual changes in the process,” says Mirjam Fried, the principal investigator.