Prof. David Dunaway: Seminar Representing History: Don’t Write a Dissertation, Write a Book

PRIMUS Research Project in cooperation with the CUNI Institute for the Study of Strategic Regions (WG: Research of Collective Memory in European Semi-Peripheries) invite to Seminar Representing History: Don’t Write a Dissertation, Write a Book. David Dunaway, Professor of Creative Writing at the University of New Mexico who received first doctorate in American Studies from Berkeley and author of ten books of biography and history, will deliver the lecture and preside the seminar on Friday 12th May 2017 at 9:30–11.00 in the main building of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, nám. Jana Palacha 2, Prague 1, Room 313.

Key questions of the Seminar:

  • What happens we present history to a public?
  • Does writing a research study and filing it in the library constitute historical outreach?
  • How can scholars find that public for their research?

The seminar begins by raising issues in representing scholarship such as cultural authority and appropriation, and reductionism.  The second half takes up how American scholars publish in journals and with university presses: what is the review process? How do you find and engage an editor? Participants can schedule a follow-up meeting with the presenter to review their own academic profiles and ambitions.

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