The Faculty Supports Volunteers Who Help Refugees

On Tuesday 8 March 2016, doc. Miriam Friedová, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, met with volunteers who help refugees in order to look for ways in which the faculty could systematically support their activities. Students of the Faculty of Arts are most frequently engaged in helping refugees at the Prague central railway station, they organise individual trips to the Balkans, and visit Czech detention centres.

The faculty values the work of these volunteers most highly and is ready, within the scope of its financial possibilities, to support them. Once more, we call on all volunteers initiatives and individuals who could not attend the meeting to get in touch with the faculty spokesperson Ina Píšová and tell her about their activities and how could the faculty help them.

The faculty is proud of its students who, often using their own resources, work in the alarming conditions in refugee camps in the Balkans, who keep constant watch at the Prague centre railway station, and who try to improve the conditions in the Czech detention centres.

Let us know about your activities and we shall find a way to support you.

 Contact person:

Ina Píšová

FA spokesperson

+420 777 739 951