Petr Daněk’s Phenomenal Discovery: Missing Parts of „The Czech Lute“

The printed edition of New York Times has informed about the discovery of the missing ritornellos from “The Czech Lute” by Adam Michna, one of the great works of the Czech Baroque, in the Franciscan library in Slaný. The discovery was made by doc. Petr Daněk from the Department of Musicology. The author of the article, Professor Michael Beckerman from New York University, hails the discovery as phenomenal and considers it one of the most significant musical discoveries of our time. He also praises Petr Daněk’s book about music print in the Czech Lands, which will also be published in English.

New York Times: ‘The Czech Lute,’ a Baroque Masterpiece, Gets Filled In [The New York Times,, 26 August 2015]