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Faculty of Arts CU introduces the Children’s University

On Wednesday, 10 April 2013, the Faculty of Arts, CU, will launch the first year of its Children’s University. Entitled Hledá se Sofie (Finding Sofie), the project is targeted at children in years 2-5 of primary school, providing them with entertaining instruction in what university life is like and what are the most important fields studied there. The capacity of 25 children was filled practically immediatelly after the invitation for applications was published.

“One of the things that universities are unjustly criticized about is that they live in their own secluded world. The Children’s University programme proves to me that we are open to everyone who wants to understand the world. Our ambition is to show children that university study is not just about “duties”, but should be taken primarily as an intriguing and adventurous path of learning,” says the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, doc. PhDr. Michal Stehlík, Ph.D.

The concept of children’s university draws on examples of similar successful projects in the Czech Republic and abroad, with education becoming closer to the youngest generation and at the same time opening up the academic community.

Ninety-minute lectures will instruct participants in history, linguistics, history of arts, egyptology, interpreting studies and theatre studies. “Children will learn to identify in pictures St Catherine, the University’s patron saint, to draw hieroglyphics, try working in the interpreting booth, or learn several words in the sign language,” says the programme organizer, Mgr. Karolína Chundelová.

At the end of each lecture, a short quiz will be held, and children will receive a credit in their special credit books. The festive closing gathering at the CU FA premises, with participation of parents, will see the children participants receive symbolic diplomas from the Dean.

The Children’s University Programme is held from 10 April to 22 May 2013; participation is free of charge.

website of the project

Contact Person: Karolína Chundelová (project organizer)

E-mail:karolina.chundelova@ff.cuni.cz, Phone: 221 619 364

For download:

Logo of Children’s University – Sofie the Young Girl in printable quality (.zip)

Press release (PDF), Press release (.doc)

Prague, April 9, 2013


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